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central nervous system cancer : I use pink Floyd and just heard a frank zappa song was wondering if anyone else has some beats/artist they love when nodding. Trying to add to my collections I hope I placed this in the correct location.

Going to see what else Frank has right now

central nervous system depressants major drugs : The Chemical Brothers or The Crystal Method or any triphop / goa trance album iMHO...

-- Peace o/

central nervous system depression : DJ Screw mixtapes

central nervous system depression alcohol : opiates are one of the few drug that makes me not that into music. I listen to it way less when I'm using/dependent on opiates.

central nervous system disorders cause neuropathy : There's a thread in NEMD entirely about the best opiate songs.

central nervous system drug questions : Moved to NEMD if you guys wanna merge.

central nervous system drugs : The only opiate that i can take that makes me appreciate music is morphine. It actually gives me a slight creative boost compared to the semi synthetics. With morphine i?ll just play the blues all night, either on my guitar or on disc.

central nervous system dysfunction : I'd have to say you hit the nail with the hammer. Pink Floyd and Zappa are wonderful.
Might I suggest Black Sabbath or The Mars Volta


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