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maritime drug interdiction : Hi,

I was force injected 234mg and 156mg of Invega Sustenna in late November 17'. I am not psychotic or symptomatic due to psychosis. My only problem is the Sustenna. The first three weeks were really intense, however, although it is tapering off, the shot can take 300+ days to be fully eliminated. I've even heard that a huge percentage never come back around and some commit suicide. I will see posts that have been inactive for years after reading the horror some of these individuals have been going through.
I really want my life back and was just hoping someone might be able to relate through their experience with Invega Sustenna. Please give me hope.

Thank You,
Josiah Wright

maritime drug testing : @JoWright: hey. your going to be fine. this is a trick invega is playing on you, it targets receptors that allow us to hope, be optimistic and so on. lots of people are misdiagnosed with mental illness after having a psychotic break and it's unfair this was done to you. you had the starter dose which is two injections, one right after the other to ramp it up to therapeutic levels in your system. good news is you stopped so healing can begin.

your going to find while under the negative effects/symptoms that life will be difficult but it does get better. those who don't get injected with invega usually feel really terrible after hearing what we go through so it makes sense those who have recovered don't want anything more to do with it and leave it it all in the past.

we have had lots of success stories here and on other websites. we just had someone here fully heal btw. you can check out the coming off of invega sustenna thread. we have two versions, one old and one new, so there's lots of info and people going through the same thing.

heal quickly. peace.


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