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south australia drug truck : Hello everyone,

As I am sure we all have, we tend to do tons of research on the internet in hope of our answers to this "demon-angel" we call addiction. Dont get me wrong, a piece of my heart will always love the addiction and the lifestyle it brought onto me. But unfortunately all great things must come to an end . I have struggled with this for a little over 10 years. Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, literally everything. And always IV.

Anyways, I am working with a wonderful doctor and trying to defeat this once and for all. I figured I would share my method.

VIVITROL - Basically a shot you get once a month that makes it so you cant use opiates. It SUCKS in the beginning but I promise you it is worth it. 12-18 months of the shot at least.

WELLBUTRIN - This is a unique medicine. Most anti-depressants will work on your serotonin. However, the majority of the drugs that provide euphoria are actually interacting with our dopamine. So an SNRI can only do so much. I highly reccomend you try this! Just the 150MG dose and NOT THE EXTENDED RELEASE! Your dopamine will thank you.

SNRI - Still unfortunatelty necc. I personally take Pristiq which is nearly the same drug as Effexor. This will obviously help boost your serotonin levels!

Okay now things get interesting, IMO.

SAM-e (S-Adenosyl-L-Methionine) - This is an over the counter supplement that does loads of things for your body. Studies have shown positive results for depression, liver disease, and more. This is one I highly recommend you look int yourself. It has chnaged my life!

Then just a simple Multi-Vitamin, B-Complexes, and Magnesium.

This is my medicinal diet and so far it has changed my life. Lets hope it keeps working!

south australia's bowel cancer rate : What luck that you found a compassionate doctor willing to work with you. One thing that struck me in your post that I have heard many others here say over the years is they like what the lifestyle brought them. I think this is something to look closely at: What specifically did you like about it aat can you begin to put into your sober life to replace it. Some people miss the adrenaline of the chase. Some people miss the rituals of use (especially needle users). Some people simply miss their old using friends that they are trying to stay away from. So, you will have to address whatever it is that is leaving a vacuum because it is those vacuums that make you vulnerable to relapse.


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