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silver zinc coated : Hej yall!

I want to take LSD this weekend for the first time, anyone who’s done it with medication?

I’m on these

Voxra 300mg, Bupropion
Escitalopram 10mg, Ssri
Seroquel 100mg, quetapin
Lamotrigin 100mg,

It’s my first post please be LOVE!

silver zinc coated rotors : Here are a few threads I could find which mention, briefly, the possible interactions between your prescribed medications and LSD. You didn't mention why you are on these medications, but I would suggest that you also factor in the potential for interactions between your condition(s) and the effects that LSD can have.

I will move this thread over to the psychedelics forum where you may get some more answers.

silver zinc oxide : Do not bother mate I'm sorry but the Quetiapine especially will dull the experience and u will probably have no visuals. This is due to my own experience. Sorry mate

silver zinc paint : SSRI's tend to make psychedelics *slightly* less potent, but this can usually be compensated by increasing the dosage (however, if you do not know the dosage - and no, you can't trust your dealer on this - I would still just stick with a single blotter).

Seroquel, however, is a much bigger issue. Psychedelics work by activating the 5HT2A receptor, while Seroquel (and other antipsychotics) block it. Chances are you'll barely even get any visuals.


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