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maitake mushroom ovarian cancer : Okay obviously without testing a substance none of you can tell me for certain what substance I took but, hopefully someone can narrow it down give me a larger idea of the possibilities.
So to start it off I bought 3 tabs off an aquaintance i've known for some time. This was my first(successful) time trying a blotter based psychedelic. I asked him a few questions like the dosage per hit which he replied 400 micrograms and if the tabs were research chemicals which he knew nothing about.
From the way he talked about dosage it was either just completely not correct or he has been doing some rcs because he was considering 400ug tabs an average size hit which is obviously a very heavy dose. That is one reason towards me believing it was a research chemical but it doesnt all add up.
I placed 1 tab on my tongue and let it completely dissolve. There was absolutely no taste to this tab and I have heard that specifically 25i is extremely bitter and I would've easily noticed it. But, I did notice I commonly associatied thing with rcs, facial and tongue numbing. It was only moderate not like a gum bump of coke numb but it obviously had a numbing effect.
Within 15 minutes I was noticing I was slightly different, within 30 obvious effects and within an hour I was peaking tripping face. During this comeup I felt extreme anxiety and butterflies and very tingly, maybe slighty nauseated. I've heard of alot of nbome reports where people have a tingly euphoric body high but this was just extremely uncomfortable. One other thing I noticed is what I believe was vasoconstriction(maybe) my body felt tight and it felt good to stretch.
Now to the head high it was very clean and smooth(probably could act sober) on come up and come down but during the peak my head was just a cluster fuck. I've heard various things about the head high so I was looking for your alls experience.
To sum the experience up it was slighty introspective but almost not enough for me to think it was real LSD(but I couldnt tell you honestly it was my first experience with it). I had awesome cevs and patterns on the walls , colors were slightly more vivid, if I focused on certain patterns or spots in my carpet it would start flow like water or move or just kinda move around, hard to explain. Lastly, the trip was about 12 hours (2 1/2 to 3 hours being the peak), and then a nasty comedown the following day which when researched seemed very similiar to an lsd comedown.
Does anyone know what it could or couldn't be? I have a vague knowledge with RC's and LSD as this was my first experience with one of the 2. Anyone with some experience both or one or of these substances that would like to share their opinion on what they believe could be would be kindly appreciated. And if you're going to tell me to test it just please don't comment

maitake mushrooms and cancer : distinct unmistakable mouth numbing always happens with 25x-nboxx's.
It is very very annoying but not exactly painful, it is not at all subtle and it lasts for several minutes or up to 1/2 hour.
If you got that from the blotter then it was not LSD
25i is not extremely bitter it is somewhat bitter but extremely numbing for a few minutes as mentioned.
imaginary mouth or face numbing means nothing, and from how this is written I could not say more.

maitake mushrrom and cancer : Love the username impractical stoner. Scoopski potato!

maitake on cancer : ? thanks dude


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