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skin care by amy : I usually use the site on my phone, and last night I went to desktop view to try and utilize a feature that didn’t seem to be available on mobile. But now I don’t want it on desktop, as it’s kinda of a pain in the ass when using a phone, but I cannot seem to figure out how to switch back. I closed the page (which I normally keep open even when not using it) and then re-opened it, and it’s still on desktop. Please help.


skin care by amy kirkland : to switch to desktop view you attach "?styleid=51" to the end of the url, to switch back to mobile view use "?styleid=47"

skin care by christie brinkley : OP, make sure you log out. Then select: and you'll be back into mobile mode.

skin care by cindy crawford : You don't have to log out to switch views, but you may have to open a new tab (i have one tab in each view right now after finding the styleid number).

skin care by devin mostoufi : you don’t need to log out. this post - stickied at the top of the forum - has links to both: Bluelight Mobile (With Links to Both Mobile and Full Site!)



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