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celiac disease edema : I was just reading through the Pain Management Mega Thread version 5 and when i clicked to go to the next page I got a message saying I needed to log in? I be been reading Bluelights entire site for the past two years without being logged in by the way. I've never posted anything before so logging in was never required. However, I have searched for things before and that has required me to log in, understandably so. Anyway, I log in and I receive a message saying I don't have sufficient privileges to access the next page!? Are you kidding? I can't read any of the forums now, I can't search for anything and can't access 90% of this site. What the hell did I do wrong? Is there currently problems with the server? Have policies changed? What is going on?

celiac disease gastric fundal polyp : you didn't do anything. we had a short interruption which is now resolved.


celiac disease gastric fundus polyp : Thank you for addressing this here.


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