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celadrin for arthritis : Look I understand that some people just can't stand reading things on here that use "SWIM, AFOAF, my pet *insert here*" but this is a public forum. Some people just prefer to write that way. If you find it confusing, irritating, or just in general don't like it that's fine nobody asked you to read it to begin with. No one on here is forced to read anything.

celadrin medication : swim doesn't give a fuck what you want.

swim wants to swim in a sea of swimmers.

swim thinks you should stfu and follow the rules, and learn to understand them before you think they are shit



celadrin vs glucosamine : hello and welcome to bluelight.

'swim' is annoying to read and doesn't protect you from anything. we've been around as a community for nearly 20 years and we have decided as a community to disallow the use of 'swim'. from our user agreement:

Originally Posted by the blua Specifically, you may not...use Bluelight in any way, shape or form for unlawful purposes, including, without limitation...use ineffective self-incrimination avoidance terms. Terms include but are not limited to: SWIM; my dog; etc. if you insist on using 'swim', you'll no longer be welcome here and we'll reserve the right to remove your access.



celaic and type : its as irritating as people asking questions in third person as if its advice for a friend. just own yourself and what you do i think, its easier to be real with ppl that are real.

celaic thyroid arthritis : Here's how it comes down man.

This is a privately owned forum. Any legal rights you have to free speech do not apply. The owners of this forum and any agents empowered by them have full legal rights to censor anything you say in any way and for any reason.

So your attitude of "they don't have to read" does not serve you.

If you want to have a debate on changing a policy here, as far as I'm concerned, keeping in mind I am not even a lowly moderator (no offense ) and have absolutely no power or authority here whatsoever, I think you should should be permitted to do so. But you should try using more humble, respectful persuasion. Simply saying "nobody is making you read" is only going to provoke hostility towards you. And it's a bad argument at that.

Because many here including myself do not wanna have to deal with your pet mongoose's smack habit or the endless problems of other some bodies who definitely aren't you. And it not being against the rules is gonna make it hard to use bluelight and avoid it. And since it offers absolutely no legal protection not to mention there is already a forum specifically dedicated to allowing you to pose anonymous questions and a million ways to ask whatever you want and be legally protected against self incrimination without resorting to shit like that. There are already far better options available.

But most important of all, allowing the use of shit like SWIM could well be argued as enabling a false sense of security that results in people not taking far more effective measures to preserve their anonymity, that they otherwise might have if they hadn't seen others doing it. There's simply no good reason to allow it and many good reasons to disallow it.

So I wouldn't expect the policy to change, and while I agree with the policy, even if I didn't I wouldn't be going about trying to do something about it this way.

I've had disagreements with the policies of forums I've been a member of before. Thankfully its never happened here that I can recall. But when it has on other forums in the past, I contacted the admins, in private, and made a respectful argument that their policy was harmful and against every bodies best interests. In the end, they were cowards more paranoid of the absurdly unlikely risk of being sued than people's best interests. So I left. But the point is, there are right ways and wrong ways of going about this.

EDIT: On a completely unrelated note, that was my 2,000th post! Not counting posts that got deleted. Aww, and I wasted it in the technical help sub forum where nobody will read it.

Also, joined Oct 2012. So it's also now my 5th year here. I'm born in october so I'd just turned 24 then and just turned 29 now. How time flies.

Sorry for getting off topic, please continue

celais and viagra : I used SWIM in a thread a month ago until I was told not to. Searching through previous threads with SWIM used in nearly every post, I thought it was okay.

To be honest, It seemed kind of pointless. Unless you are a deep web drug kingpin like Ross Ulbricht.

celais versu viagra one versus another : Using a pseudonym didn't really protect him either...

celandine cat cancer : Originally Posted by cowardescent Searching through previous threads with SWIM used in nearly every post, I thought it was okay. see what we're up against



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