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simeon weight loss : I had to take a pre-employment drug screen at Concentra and I used my normal Quick Fix method, however I was pulled back to drop the UA about 15 minutes sooner than I expected. When I took the temperature reading the Quick Fix was at 109 degrees. Also this time I was only given three minutes instead of the usual 5 to piss in the cup. There was blue liquid in the toilet as usual so I was concerned about blowing on it to cool it off because only having 3 minutes. I panicked because I could hear the asshole outside the door, so I used about a half a Thimbles full worth of my saliva to cool it down. I'm talking less surface area then a dime amount of saliva. After doing another temp check I was at 101 degrees dumped it in the cup swirled it around and it came out a perfect 98 Degrees. Should I be worried about the very miniscule amount of saliva that went into the quick fix? I will also note that I had not smoked for 3 days prior to doing this and the entire week prior I barely smoked because I was out of green except for a little bit of pipe resin that I had. The last time I smoked a full Bowl was probably seven or eight days prior to this.. please tell me I am all good so I can quit stressing out.

simeon weight loss plan : Hi Baxwar, I'm sorry but the Bluelight User Agreement specifically forbids drug testing questions. At any rate try not to stress. It won't do any good, nor change any outcome. I know it's easier said than done.


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