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singles dating gay hiv personals : Hello,
Can someone please help me, i'm new to BL and I have already registered (my user name is JunkyUnicornLady) and for some reason I can not post anywhere but here. Every forum has a lock symbol next to it but this one. I can't even post in the new member's introduction forum. I also can not set up my profile.
I never did get a email after I registered my account either. I am not sure what to do. I've been all over the F&Q section with no luck and read nearly all the new members forums and the greenlighters info looking for anything that might explain why I am not able to post or even set up my profile. I have literally been scrolling through pages of BL for hours, at least 5hours. Not even joking or exaggerating.
If anyone can please help me i would really appreciate it. If an admin reads this that be awesome or if someone could direct admin towards my post as I can't even send a messages to anyone, not even the people listed under administration.
Thank you very much in advance for any help.
Hoping this can get resolved quickly so I can get to know BL and BL can get to know me. I have been a "lurker" for so many years. Not sure why I took so long to join up... Anywho, thanks again for reading my "anonymously" written post. LoL
Your new friend,
P.s. I apologize for this being so long.

singles dating with herpes : user moderation is on for a short time - it requires that all registrations are manually approved. all pending registrations have now been approved (or rejected).

bluelight is run entirely by a volunteer staff and we fight a constant battle against spammers, trolls and other troublemakers. we have procedures like this in place to slow those people down at the registration and new-user steps.

if a user's title is "Registered User", they are awaiting moderation. we manually approve registrations multiple times a day so the wait should not be longer than a couple of hours - certainly within 24 hours.


singles dementia : I see. Well that makes perfect sense. Thank you for your replying and I apologize because I also replied about my issue in another post an hour or so after starting this thread because I hadn't seen it post to the board. I promise I won't be someone who spams the boards in the future, I was just very frustrated at the time. I'm very excited to finally engage with others here after so many years of just reading posts. Again I am sorry for my lack of patient's with this and thank you for responding and explaining what the issue was.
Always blue

singles diet : no problem. welcome to bluelight.


singles herpes : Some of the forms have been frozen some say for legal issues. I'm not sure the site still active. The only forums I've seen are from years ago but still helpful.

singles herpes san diego : Originally Posted by Jenna 222 Some of the forms have been frozen some say for legal issues. I'm not sure the site still active. The only forums I've seen are from years ago but still helpful. Almost all of our forums are active, except for archived forums such as legal discussion, which was closed years ago because we don't provide legal counselling. If you have legal issues, see a lawyer. Anyway, we have about about 40+(?) active forums, the majority of which will have numerous posts as recent as minutes to hours or days old. Perhaps your account just needs activating? Try clicking "new posts" up the top left.


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