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singles dating gay hiv personals : Hello,
Can someone please help me, i'm new to BL and I have already registered (my user name is JunkyUnicornLady) and for some reason I can not post anywhere but here. Every forum has a lock symbol next to it but this one. I can't even post in the new member's introduction forum. I also can not set up my profile.
I never did get a email after I registered my account either. I am not sure what to do. I've been all over the F&Q section with no luck and read nearly all the new members forums and the greenlighters info looking for anything that might explain why I am not able to post or even set up my profile. I have literally been scrolling through pages of BL for hours, at least 5hours. Not even joking or exaggerating.
If anyone can please help me i would really appreciate it. If an admin reads this that be awesome or if someone could direct admin towards my post as I can't even send a messages to anyone, not even the people listed under administration.
Thank you very much in advance for any help.
Hoping this can get resolved quickly so I can get to know BL and BL can get to know me. I have been a "lurker" for so many years. Not sure why I took so long to join up... Anywho, thanks again for reading my "anonymously" written post. LoL
Your new friend,
P.s. I apologize for this being so long.

singles dating with herpes : user moderation is on for a short time - it requires that all registrations are manually approved. all pending registrations have now been approved (or rejected).

bluelight is run entirely by a volunteer staff and we fight a constant battle against spammers, trolls and other troublemakers. we have procedures like this in place to slow those people down at the registration and new-user steps.

if a user's title is "Registered User", they are awaiting moderation. we manually approve registrations multiple times a day so the wait should not be longer than a couple of hours - certainly within 24 hours.


singles dementia : I see. Well that makes perfect sense. Thank you for your replying and I apologize because I also replied about my issue in another post an hour or so after starting this thread because I hadn't seen it post to the board. I promise I won't be someone who spams the boards in the future, I was just very frustrated at the time. I'm very excited to finally engage with others here after so many years of just reading posts. Again I am sorry for my lack of patient's with this and thank you for responding and explaining what the issue was.
Always blue

singles diet : no problem. welcome to bluelight.



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