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celebrex chemotherapy colon cancer : Hi ppl I have been on a script for like years lol and went to collect on Monday for the bupernorphine 8mg to be different to any I have seen before. I was on the orange ones with the 8 and the smaller ones with the 2 on them. So Monday I pick up and see that the new 8 is oval white with a split down the middle but nothing else on there at all. In the past I have seen the oval white ones but with b8 and a dagger on the back so I was just wondering if these blank ones are new or if they have been around ages and I just haven't seen them before. The 2 is still orange and last week went down from 12 to 10 ml easy enough although I do snort most of it . So if anyone has seen them before let me know please if there new or old thanks

celebrex class action : I don't think you can sell a blank pill in the US. They all have an imprint for ID, even the OTC ones.

I also thought the point was they didn't do anything for a person if shot or snorted? First-pass metabolism, so it has to go through your liver? (I'm obviously the only non-opioid user on the site)

celebrex class action kidneys : I'm from the uk and seen a lot of blank pills In my time but never a bupe so fort I would ask. I have never shot but snort every day and it works fine for me lol and yeh there is a lot of opiate users here I have read a lot on this but have never heard anyone mention a blank bupe

celebrex class action lawsuit : I can't imagine a real pharma maker producing blank pills.

And last question, the snorting would work, it's just, does it work any better than just eating it?

Oh, and welcome, btw.

celebrex class action lawsuits : I know yeh they came in a different box to usual that was all ID but nothing on the pill and yeh if you have little lines often I think it's a lot better than under toungue as swallowing loses a lot of it. And Thank you

celebrex class action rasansky : All prescription medications in the US must have an imprint.

Speak to your pharmacist.

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