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skin cancer tanning beds : So I was going through the new member introduction thread and decided to simply offer someone a greeting and some friendly oriented advice which was
"Welcome from southern California, this forum can be a bit sensitive so don't talk to people like you would your homies or you might get infracted lol. Hope to see you in BDD

Like if you try to lay out the cold hard truth for someone you might be looked at as a trouble maker. Or if you talked to them all like you would if you were hanging out with a group of guy friends which involved making fun of people and laughing it off and shit. You gotta make sure people aren't going to get all sensitive and be offended at what you wrote is all."

All of the sudden one day I log on to find out I had an infraction all of the sudden because of it, I would like to know what rule was broken. It is clear this moderator doesn't want me in the forum and is just issuing infractions for the slightest of things. He even went as far as to suggest I want the infractions, it is getting too abusive.
"you've had more warnings than most, yet you continue to disrupt the forum.
If infractions are what you want, infractions are what you will receive"

I would like to know what rule of the guidelines the above quote of what I posted in the new member thread went against.

skin cancer tanning beds and sunburns : answered in email already.



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