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silver soft skin care : I recently acquired some supposed Mdma Crystal it's light blue and pretty translucent when held in light i understand there is no real way of knowing for sure without a test kit i will be getting one soon before i experiment anymore but I'm just curious about what you guys think about it looks pretty strange to me. I did end up testing a very small amount roughly 20mg orally in a jell cap during a party i felt like i could be friends with almost anyone (this feeling lasted for days) and, was very trusting of others my head felt light like Styrofoam+ mood lift and, energy boost, an anxiolytic affect, slightly increased confidence and, sense of humor, motivation enhancement, a heightened sense of awareness, immersion enhancement, pupil dilation, warmer body temperature, pain relief, sweaty hands although not nearly as intense as Mushrooms, very minor waves of nausea during come up and, cramping legs throughout. The euphoria was constantly changing it felt a bit psychedelic in a way i also, felt emotionality enhancement (connecting with an old friends felt amazing) and, when i focused on something i would space out but when someone spoke to me or i wanted to i would become hyper alert. I noted some vasoconstriction and, that i felt more myself so ego inflation?




silver solubility in zinc : We don't allow substance ID's in MED, but I'm intrigued to know what the test results show up so I've sent your post to the pillreport Q&A forum.

Even though MDMA can come in a range of colours, I've never ever heard of it being blue, and the effects indicate that it is possibly some kind of RC stimulant/empathogen. Also MDMA should not be remotely active at 20mg.

Your images are not working, and you will have to upload them to a website if you want anybody to see them. Try uploading them to and posting the link.

silver solution cancer cure : I had/have some blue (the maker's trademark) MDMA that I acquired from a very good lab outside the US. I'm keeping a small personal stash indefinitely if possible because it is still the purest most potent MDMA I have ever used to date. Tested at high 90% purity and is unlike any other MDMA I've ever had.

Obviously this doesn't necessarily mean anything for yours but if it's the same stuff, it is a pretty incredible find.

silver solution herpes : Thanks guys, Tranced i do believe Mdma is active though in this small of an amount the threshold dose is between 20mg-40mg my scale couldn't weigh such a small amount so my dose was eyeballed from 300mg's of crystal so can't say for sure how much i took but, here's the link to the new photos

silver solution nebulizer : I'm afraid we don't allow ID posts in this subforum either for the same reasons - there is simply no way to know as there are about 250 similar looking substances and 60-100 have similar effects.

Get yourself a set of reagent tests (and a better set of scales while you're at it) and then feel free to come back with any questions.


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