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changes in uterus location in pregnancy : Was just wondering if anybody has any info on how ethylphendite reacts with reagent tests and which tests would be the best to identify it? I've searched and can not find any info also referenced the reagent reaction colour charts and none seem to include EPH. I have currently ordered Marquis, Mecke, Erlich and Froehde for use with other substances would they be able to give me a good indication?

changes in vaginal canal during pregnancy : Ethylphenidate doesn't change colour with marquis, mecke or mandelin

I'm not sure about the froehde reagent but I wouldn't expect it to change if none of these do.

changes in vulva after menopause : Was sold as some sort of cathinone just have a funny feeling it's EPH as it looks very similar, will test anyway and see if i get a reaction, thanks for the info

changes in your nails during pregnancy : Aha, in that case you should easily be able to distinguish cathinones from ethylphenidate with the reagents.


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