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celebrex removed formulary : I posted a question regarding street values of a drug, and said "I hope this is allowed"... Someone told me it's right at the top that it's not allowed. But I honestly am not trying to sell any. I'm not trying to buy any. It is a mere curiosity as to how much people pay for this certain drug in their area.

Is this not allowed? I didn't think it technically broke a rule, but I wanted to be clear... so I deleted the post for now. But advice on whether or not I can ask questions like these would be appreciated.

Again, it's only me being curious and making conversation..


celebrex removed from market : I saw your post and do believe you had no nefarious intent but we do discourage and try to limit all talk of prices of drugs.

celebrex renal : OK. Well if you think it's best I don't ask that question, or questions like it, then I won't. I'm no trouble maker, and I'm fine with going along with rules and procedures. That's why I deleted and asked here. Thank you! Have a great day.


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