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cetirizine hcl : Whats up all- first post. Apologies in advance if I annoy anyone.
Basically looking for sincere input and thoughts regarding the reagent reactions. Sample source is familiar to me and super solid. Sample&environment consistent for multiple reagent tests. Both reactions seem super encouraging for high quality MDMA. Have not indulged in over 5 years. Only interested in the super good good loved up. Based upon video and the following test dialog, can anyone co-sign on the promising potential quality? I aknowledge up front that short of a legit full lab run, all feedback/observations are very subjective. I just really would like some other thoughts.
Marquis Reaction: Instant bubbling/fizzling, quick to very dark black- like 5-6 seconds
Simons A/B: Very quick to dark blue/black- like 5-6 seconds.
Both reactions happened super super fast- like instant.
I want to think these results point towards very good, potent mdma. Thanks all in advance.
please watch video link in HD and lemme know!
much love and peace.
vid link:

cetirizine hcl : Apologies mods and all- I did not see the clearly stated thread, directly above my first post forbidding substance/pill ID. Ugh. Any PM's majorly appreciated. sorry again.

cetirizine hcl : Hi mate, welcome to bluelight.

Most of our pill ID questions i.e the ones we disallow, involve inconclusive and subjective information such as colours, textures, vague descriptions of effects etc. ID'ing with such information is futile.

Pill testing kits, however, are not at all futile, and are actively encouraged at bluelight. I'm uncertain how reliable an indicator they are as to quality (probably not a lot, if any at all), but there is a whole pill testing sub-forum for reading results. I'll move your post over there and leave a redirect so you'll hopefully get a decent response.

cetirizine hcl : Tranced-
Thanks you so much for the reply. I have lurked on Bluelight for years and highly value the insight that can be gained here. I very much respect the rules of conduct/etiquette, with the last thing I would want being offending anyone. I very much hope someone has an informed opinion regarding my results. I have not indulged in over 5 years, and when I was, it was only high quality MDMA and sparse use(1-2times/yr max). The time has come for a treat and I finally bought some reagents, after wanting to for years. At this point in my life, I operate with the strictest responsibility in hopes of the maximum therapeutic benefit.
Thanks again for the welcoming.

cetirizine hcl antihistamine : No worries dude, you certainly haven't offended anyone.

I don't really know a lot about using test kits as I've never used one (whooops), but presumably so long as the colours match and there are no strange anomalies/uncertainties of colours/etc then you're probably good to go.


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