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celebrex side affect : Hi all so I'm attending a festival tomorrow and i'm hoping to find some mdma whilst at the festival. Obviously i wont be able to know what drugs it is i'm taking from a stranger so i was going to bring my reagent kit with me to test the drugs. (I have marquis, mecke and froehde) I have had these reagents since February and they have been sitting ontop of a cupboard in a kitchen for about 6 months so was wondering if these kits are still in use? do they go off at all? I'm hoping they still give an accurate result. Thanks!

(Also at a festival, what kind of surface should I test the drugs on?)

celebrex side affects : i think they do go off - do they have expiry dates printed on them?

seems like testing on the cleanest, uncoloured surface is the best option. a plastic plate or something like that, if possible?

celebrex side affexts : Reagent tests do go off - they have a shelf life of about 12 months if they are kept cool. Your mecke might have gone too dark to use but your marquis should be usable and your froehde will almost certainly be usable.


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