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Useful General Info Threads

This post lists some useful general knowledge threads from the forum. It covers various bodybuilding, PED, dietary, and training topics and strategies. Let us know below if you see another thread worth including

InsulinCholesterol and Dietary FatsTendon InjuriesHalf Life TablesWhat is an EsterPeptide ReconstitutionOld School Thoughts on Estradiol and TestosteroneGrowth Hormone Releasing PeptidesIntermittent Fasting and Autophagy ExplainedThe Essential Medicinal Chemistry of CurcuminCholesterol & Dietary Fat IntakeThe HMB ControversyThoughts on Mechanisms of Gynaecomastia in MalesSome Notes on Oxymetholone


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I really need to do a laborious search through pages of old threads to patch it all together. Throw any suggestions my way!


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