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sleep menopause : To cut a long story short, I am unable to be prescribed diazepam due to a Benzo addiction 5 years ago. I suffer from chronic insomnia and the ONLY thing I can take which will help is Diazepam. I have tried Z drugs, antihistamines and I need some sleep. I have very bad reactions to other benzodiazepines and am paranoid about them being cut.

Is there any way I can test the pills to make sure they are 100% pharmacy diazepam. I've heard in the news lately there are a lot of people dying from fake tablets.


sleep metabolism and late meals : There is a test that can distinguish some benzodiazepines but I don't believe it's sold anywhere because it's quite complex to use - it requires strong heating of the reagents which is not something that's easy to do in a home setting.

Its reactions are also not that reliable as far as the limited uses of the test show:

Originally Posted by Enix150 The BNZ reagent kit is a three liquid testing system developed by McKibben in 19981 and further variants developed by Sarwar in 2008 in India2; also employs Kovar K-A, Linden D circa 1983 diazepine screen3, see column 5.

The reagents can be mixed ahead of time for test sequence #1 but it only last 4-5 days after mixed. By using five to eight variant sequences, some heated to 212° F, positive identification of diazepine derivatives can be made, see color chart for references. Color Chart found here

Below is a simplified description of how the tests work. You can check out the citations above for a more detailed description, but you're essentially performing these tests and repeating them at different temperatures to discern a more definitive reading:
Originally Posted by jeremysdemo Anyone running the BNZ kit on etizolam here are how the colors should come out.

Etizolam Test 1 {DMSO+sample+NaOH} -dark green

Etizolam Test 2 {DMSO+NaOH+sample} -light green

Etizolam Test 3 {test 1+HCl} -watermelon red

Etizolam Test 4 {test 2 +HCl} -clear

Etizolam Test 5 {HCl+water+sample} -light green


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