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chance of curing mouth cancer : Hey,
We got a few rocks, I scraped some and used bunk police marquis test + MDMA purity test.

I'm not sure what to make of the results - as it had a little bit of purple\black(More in the video), some brown\green(more in the photos)?

I'm not sure.
I took a video and some photos to ask around here and maybe get some advice from more experienced 'testers'


Video of marquis test

Photo #1, Photo #2, Photo #3

Mdma purity test photo

Marquis test table

mdma purity table

chance of depression : I looks like it positive MDx or MDBD but it's hard to see clearly there colour on the pictures. What you definitely don't want is PM(M)A and there doesn't appear to have any red tinge so that's negative. The other dark markets on the high percentage website table that it could possibly is Mescaline (unlikely), Codeine (non-toxic) and Heroin (but it would have to be pretty of heroin in your sample to react that strongly - so again unlikely). Looks like you gots yourself some MDMA or similar analogue.

chance of depression : Moved to pill testing Q&A - you'll get a better answer in here.

chance of developing breast cancer : Hello,

I have limited experience and it is going to be a guess, but considering it's powder, you are using the marquis reagent and the reaction clearly indicates some first yellow, and then all you can see is black, MDxx present, I'd say it's MDxx with some cathinone (legal high). To be sure send in the sample to Ecstasydata or Energy Control or try a TLC (separation) kit at home.

Feel free to check out:

2) Color sorted ultimate chart on the reddit wiki


chance of developing hiv : Are there any large crystals that you can separate out from the rest of the powder and test on their own?

chance of dying from cancer : Originally Posted by Transform Are there any large crystals that you can separate out from the rest of the powder and test on their own? These were separated from a larger crystal using a small knife, Does this add to the odd of it being MDMA?

chance of finding herpes vaccine : Sometimes if material is adulterated then the adulterant is visually distinct from the main substance and can be tested separately. If this was split from a large rock then any adulterants will not be separable by hand.


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