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majo depression : I've tested this pill (Orange Porsche) and Marquis and Mandelin go purple/black but Mecke has no reaction leading me to think it's mixed with Amphetamine. I literally just ran out of drops but I suspect my Mecke reagent was going weird because I tested a pill which is 100% MDMA and you could just about see a little bit of purple.

Now this is the interesting part.. a user on another site told me that if it did have Amphetamine in my marquis test would have some Orange/Brown tint in with the purple, is this true? I know it's rare to come across speed in a pill but surely if they was some I'd see the reaction?

Many thanks

majoor risk factors for cancer : It sounds like your mecke reagent has gone off if a known-MDMA pill gave such a weak reaction. If your are unsure, your best bet would be to send it to ecstasydata or similar.

major : I second what Transform says, and would add that Mecke on it's own should be clear, not dark if we expect it to work.

Also about the mixture, you would NOT see with most reagents if there was indeed speed in your MD, as the black color reaction effectively hides any other colors there could be. So to answer your question, with reagent testing you would not detect any adulterant if there is even 2mg of MD present.


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