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malanoma cancer : Ok I haven't seen this answered anywhere else, hope someone can help me out.

Do test kits respond differently to different stereoisomers?

I know that many popular recreational drugs in fact appear in two or more versions with the same molecular formula. Famously "dexamphetamine" is only the right-handed amphetamine molecule. Ketamine also comes in two versions, the most active version is S-ketamine or esketamine.

This question arose parlty because it seems methoxetamine(MXE) is occasionally being sold as ketamine in this city. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a definitive reagent test for MXE, there are conflicting pics circulating online about MXE responding to the mandelin reagent. So the obvious theory would be that mxe and possibly K also react differently depending on the isomers present.

What do you guys think? Good theory or bad?

Also what's the best reagent to test for this class of drugs (possibly a more difficult question)?


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