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malanoma cancer : Ok I haven't seen this answered anywhere else, hope someone can help me out.

Do test kits respond differently to different stereoisomers?

I know that many popular recreational drugs in fact appear in two or more versions with the same molecular formula. Famously "dexamphetamine" is only the right-handed amphetamine molecule. Ketamine also comes in two versions, the most active version is S-ketamine or esketamine.

This question arose parlty because it seems methoxetamine(MXE) is occasionally being sold as ketamine in this city. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a definitive reagent test for MXE, there are conflicting pics circulating online about MXE responding to the mandelin reagent. So the obvious theory would be that mxe and possibly K also react differently depending on the isomers present.

What do you guys think? Good theory or bad?

Also what's the best reagent to test for this class of drugs (possibly a more difficult question)?

malanoma complications after surgery : Originally Posted by lab slave Do test kits respond differently to different stereoisomers? The conventional chemistry and physics say "no, they are not stereoselective" unless the reagent contains chiral molecules or is illuminated by a polarized light.
For example the Marquis reagent contains sulfuric acid and formaldehyde, which cannot be chiral.

malaquin : The froedhe reagent can effectively distinguish MXE from ketamine, as it makes methoxetamine go yellow-green but ketamine does not cause a colour change.


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