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making drugs from thai food : So I am a long time raver, always have loved the atmosphere and all the pretty lights. Recently I had a relocation and in my new residence I am unable to find MDMA.. I have tester kits on the way, but will not be available for a little.

I am just curious if anyone has ever experienced similar feelings (very high MDMA tolerance, have done 3 grams of tested molly in a night)

1. Feeling very energetic, and once you are, having the desire to feel the expected MDMA euphoria, but never feeling said euphoria.

2. Very alert and focused, but not jittery or gakked out. Just a very calm (but energetic) come up, at peak you feel like music would be amazing, but once played it really doesn't sound any better than normal, doesn't make you feel anything.

3. (This one isn't a feeling or effect of the pill, but rather what it tastes, looks, and feels like before ingestion).

A. Very very light bitter taste (only taste it if you actually hold it on your tongue as you chew it up)
B. Chalky texture (similar to the texture of xanax when taken sublingually, appearance is hard, but is easily broken by lightly squeezing it as if not pressed properly)
C. I am used to seeing a supplier have 1, maybe 2 options, but these have come in 5 different colors, and 6 different shapes.

4. Do not mix when doing anything, that's just safe practice. But when I mix this with alcohol it's almost so weak that the alcohol completely takes over the high. I am not used to that at all, I drink damn near a 5th a day, and it's almost like I get more drunk feeling when drinking half a 5th and taking one of these.

With all that being said, I am new to this site, but a very experienced user just hoping to gain more knowledge. I may have placed this in the wrong spot, if so please move it and/or let me know what I did wrong. Like I said, awaiting testers, just trying to gain extra info.

P.s. really enjoy the effects because I can function in a normal atmosphere. I am just not used to being able to take 6 ecstasy tabs/Molly capsules without my pupils at least getting dilated and then wanting to wander to the back of my head.

Thanks in advance!

making drugs home : Ello,

As I told you in the other thread, bluelight does not allow substance ID's. This is simply because it is impossible to guess based on what are always vague and subjective effects, whether or not a drug is x, y, or z.

Check out this link which lists the various empathogenic substances:
List of empathogenic substances.

Then this link listing the various stimulant substances:
List of stimulant substances.

It could technically be pretty much any of those based on the description you gave, or something else entirely. New analogues of existing stimulant/empathogenic drugs (and occasionally even new/unexplored classes of drug) are being created all the time. We simply can't do it; nobody can, and speculation is dangerous/futile. For an answer, send the pills to a lab i.e:, and/or, wait on your test kits to arrive.

I'll send it to the pill reports pill testing sub-forum seeing as you are new and waiting on a test kit. I'd be interested to see what you have, and while we can't ID drugs, we can discuss pill testing results and answer questions.

For the record, this could technically even be MDMA if your tolerance is high, and three grams is a lot of MDMA. Take it easy out there!

Originally Posted by SwimmingIsTheBest With all that being said, I am new to this site, but a very experienced user just hoping to gain more knowledge. I may have placed this in the wrong spot, if so please move it and/or let me know what I did wrong. Like I said, awaiting testers, just trying to gain extra info. Please stick around, and don't be deterred by the fact that I moved your thread. Bluelight is pretty much the definitive place to come for better, safer knowledge regarding drugs.

making drugs legal : Just a heads up to users who get methylone: just because it hits very weak for me (long time meth user), does NOT mean that it's a weak drug. Always use caution and start with very small doses of anything you decide to do and see how it affects you personally.

making erection last : Marquis, mecke, simon, and mandelin reagents used: results appear to be amph + methylone (very minute amount of methylone)

making erections last longer : Wow, comprehensive testing. It's good to see you so readily tested your pills when you had doubts, not a lot of people do. And cheers for reporting back, it's interesting to see what it turned out as.

Next time test first, and send them back with a stern word if required. People shouldn't get away with this shit.

making essential herbal oils : I definitely don't let them get away with it. I've done just about everything that I can get ahold of. For me, I test after because I would like an unbiased opinion from myself on whatever the hell I'm taking. I start with extremely small doses and wait. Generally I do the first small dose and do not try a larger dose until the next day, I will repeat this until the next day's dose, although slightly larger, affects me the same as the previous day. Once I'm certain it's not what was advertised, I attempt to determine what it is I'm doing (reagent testing) In this case, I don't mind that they aren't MDMA, I like amphetamines. Because these are relatively weak I can take them whenever I want without having to worry about being "fucked up". I simply told the person I got them from that price had to be lowered because they aren't worth what he was asking for.

It was just very strange to me because the affect drugs have on me have changed throughout the years, and I had never experienced a "high" like this, if you can even call it that.

I know testing before is always safest, but like I said I like to gather an honest opinion from myself before figuring out what it is. (if I already know what is, I tend to remember what the last time I took it felt like and my brain grabs that placebo effect and runs with it). I am very careful with everything I take, and it normally takes 3-4 days of slightly upping dosage before I decide if I like it.


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