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chances of a negative pregnancy test : Hi All, first post and first time interpreting test results so I'd appreciate some input from those with a bit more experience.

Please see below image links for results from different three samples.

Initial reagents - all three samples had a strong and immediate colour reaction as you see in the image above - what you see is the end result around 3 minutes after testing.

Robatest - all three samples showed no reaction and were unchanged after five minutes (slight exception was sample two that went immediately a tad yellow which was the colour of the sample).

Simons - all three to varying shades of royal blue, immediately.

Hopefully those links all work.

Many thanks,

Mr Blueman

chances of another cancer : These all appear to contain MDMA. What are you expecting them to be?

I would proceed with the normal amount of caution after getting these results.

chances of bacterial vaginosis entering uterus : Thanks for the advice... and your response is as expected. Appreciate the input and feel a tad more confident in interpreting now.


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