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silymarin cancer evidence : Hey guys Newbie here but any help would be greatly appreciated!

I am a bit older and find it harder to get my hands on (what I believe to be Molly) but I finally purchased some from a friends dealer. It turned yellow on the marquis test and I haven't taken it yet but now I'm wondering if my initial experience with "Molly" was actually M1 as well since I don't have any of it left to test so here we go:

I took it with a guy the morning after our first date (yeah my life is pretty nuts when it comes to dating because I live in a major US city). He bought some coke from his dealer and I asked if he could get Molly. Neither of us have ever done it. He snorted lines that night and I just drank and then we eventually passed out. In the morning it was a Saturday so neither of us had to work or anything so I asked if it was cool if I tried it. I didn't know what a proper dose was (and he had never done it either) so I just took an entire capsule filled with crystals (very irresponsible I know, wouldn't do that again obviously). About 25-35 minutes later I noticed I wasn't hungry at all and I felt this warm sensation all over my body. At first it was sort of gradual but it scared me because I hadn't felt sensations like that before. I felt a bit disoriented like I was drunk but also completely aware. Then it hit me and I felt amazing. I truly did. I was so in love with him. I felt like he was the most important man in the world and I kept saying how much I love him and I asked if he could say the same to me and when he did it just heightened it. I felt truly like I was in some alternate universe where it was just us. I felt so close to him and so amazing but I also noticed some negative side effects like my jaw was clenching and I was too hot one moment and too cold the next. I drank water to negate the feeling ans becuase my mouth felt dry. I also did pee at one point while on it. It was the most pleasant piss I have ever taken in my life. I just felt like I was in such an amazing state of mind. Like everything in the world was the same but different and the world and everything in it was perfect. My own special place. But another negative side effect I would notice was that he would move very quick back and forth as if he was vibrating (I realize now my eyes were actually vibrating). I also saw some visuals like tiny lines all around his face. Almost adding texture like a bas relief or something. And music was amazing. I listened to "oh brother where art thou" soundtrack over and over again and it just sounded so beautiful. And if I closed my eyes I could almost visualize bucolic settings and feel like I was there. It felt like the most vivid dream. And everything felt amazing like a baby's bottom so soft. Kissing him was magnetic. I didn't feel any urges to have sex just to hold each other and be close to him and touch him. And I rolled around on his bed and moved my face back and forth in his pillow. The world just seemed so perfect so right. Could I feel this great on M1 or does this have to be Molly? I don't know the time frame but I feel like it wasn't over quickly but because I was so high on the drug I'm not sure if my sense of time was just skewed to make me feel like it was longer than it was. It seemed to last for awhile and the come down didn't feel like a crash at all. In fact it just made me tired and I ended up taking a nap and when I awoke I felt pleasant and at peace and left feeling relaxed and zen-like. It was truly amazing. So now I'm wondering if it was actual Molly or just this stuff? Because obviously if I haven't had true mdma this stuff would seem amazing? Or would it not? I didn't really have the urge to do more of the drug when I was sort of coming down from it. but again this was all new to me as I had never done anything remotely close to ecstasy before. And I felt energetic but felt more like I wanted to roll around in his bed rather than dance around like at a rave.

Also I have a question for those that have done M1. Do you feel really in love with someone? That's what I'm really after. I love that feeling. Feeling so close to someone feeling this undeniable urge to kiss them to touch them especially someone you're attracted to. Saying I love you and just feeling like you're in total bliss. Basically I want the love drug so I'm not sure if I should even take M1 if it won't give me that....I've been reading all different reports about experiences but I'd love to hear what you guys think. Thanks so much!

silymarin cause depression : No ID'ing in MDMA & Empathogens I'm afraid but I can send this to the pill reports pill testing forum where you might get a better response.

I haven't tried methylone but those effects + the marquis result would probably(?) indicate you had methylone. It's impossible to say from the effects alone, especially considering methylone and MDMA share a lot of similarities.

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silymarin drug interaction : Wow, methylone never had anything close to mdma effects for me. Some similarities mentally, but that was it.
I always thought if you had to ask the question whether it was indeed methylone, then it has to be.

However, that does sound like mdma to me. Of course, we cant id in a forum so this is purely a subjective response not indicative.

Although yellow testing definitely sounds like Methylone.

silymarin evidence cancer : Oh yes the new stuff I bought is definitely methylone. I wanted Molly and purchased from a friend of a friend and it came back yellow which means it's most likely M1. But the first time I ever took any "Molly" I wasn't able to test it but I discussed my experience to see if that sounded more like Mdma or methylone. It was completely different and not related to my new stuff so I wanted to see if my experience more closely aligned with Molly or with M1

silymarin medication : Hello, I'm afraid we can't identify something based on a description. Methylone was very common in the US between 2011-2015 and has very similar effects to MDMA, the differences are very subtle and unless you've tried both before you would probably really struggle to distinguish them.

silymarin niacin : I don't want to just "bump", but precisly what Transform says. This is a very common misconception that yellow marquis means methylone, it's just one of many possible synthetic cathinones. Actually if you take a look on the Reddit wiki here:, you can see that almost 50 substances are KNOWN to turn some shade of yellow. You can also check out the flier here: or just the color sorted booklet for marquis here:



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