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simon cancer center indiana : Definitely a noob ass question.

I just don't get the point of a simons test. Marquis will tell you roughly what your substance is. a simons test will tell you if it is MDMA or not? but wouldn't a marquis tell you what it is, so you would not even have to use simons?? wtf. im thoroughly confused. Basically. Im looking to buy a reagent kit. should i get a marquis and a simons? or is a marquis good enough. I want to be sure what it is however. but if i dont need to spend the extra 20 bucks then that would be great lol

thanks guys and gals

simon cancer center indiana university : The link below should help. Basically, it doesn't look like you'd wanna use just a simon's as some other unwanted things(one that is dangerous) will show the same as MDMA. All it's really good for is determining if it's MDMA vs. MDA after other presumptive results.

simon cancer center indianapolis : Ahhhhh. i get it. MDA has no color change, while MDMA will turn light blue. Ok. I saw that link before but i must have read that wrong because i thought MDMA, MDA and MDE all showed the same color. Well MDMA and MDE do, but MDE basically does not exist anymore so that is of no concern. Thank you good sir! i appreciate it greatly.

simon cancer center indianapolis in : No problemo friend.

simon cancer center indianapolis indiana : It's not just for MDMA/MDA though, it's for secondary amines I belive. So it will also distinguish amphetamine from methamphetamine, but also can for example help with 4-FA as a secondary reagent, see here:

See the color sorted chart on the reddit Wiki:



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