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celebrex improve circulation kidneys : Swim bought some Valium online for cheap, swim is worried that they might be the ones sold in Scotland that have killed many people. Swim decided to test the pills by placing them in tap water, these are the results. Swim would like some advice on the pills , they have consumed two already and feel like any other benzo however they feel more like alprazolam.

as you can see it turned the water blue but not swims mouth. Defiantly feels like some kind of modifed benzo / RC. Help neeeded. manny thanks - De_Gale

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after a couple of minutes

celebrex in psychiatry : Hi there, we don't use SWIM on bluelight because it offers no legal protection.

It's impossible to tell what's in a pill from the dye that's in it unfortunately.

celebrex in the usa : SWIM2 thinks maybe its methylene blue

celebrex in usa : so what site uses swim?

celebrex indonesia : You're welcome to look for one that does but we don't and neither do most places. It sounds stupid and isn't going to fool a judge. Please don't use it.

celebrex info : Best you can do is have them tested. Lab, possible reagent test kit.


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