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simeon weight loss : Test results.
Marquis. Mecke. Mendalin. Folins

simeon weight loss plan : Those reagent results suggest that MDMA is present in your sample.

Please consider cropping and rotating your images in the future.

simeon weight loss protocol : Better pictures and videos. My reagents are over a year old i believe. And i didnt allow 2 mins for the folins reaction but you can see the pink salomonly color happen. My question is could people add adulterents to crytals. Like re-crystalize mdma with adulterents. I imagine it could be done with chemicals with similiar molecule structure? Reason i am asking is because Im seeing some slight off colors, within the reaction. Dont know if old or expired reagents are playing effect in this?
Last night i initially started with 150mgs orally, then a 50mg oral booster and 25mg nasal booster an hour in.
30-45 mins come up peak-pleatue 2 hours. Come down 1 hour.
I find now with mdma i only get 1 or 2 hours of emphathy now. ( is this a sign of loss of the magic? When i was much younger i used alot of mdma/ecstasy. Now i only do it 1-4 times a year. And i have gone without for a maximum of 3-5 years. So i dont find my self abusing it.





simeon's diet list : Thing i am noticing a purple/red in with the mecke after its sat for a while. But it instally flashes green then to black.

simeon's weight loss : Please crop and resize your images before uploading.

Your results look typical for MDMA. It is possible to adulterate crystals (hard though) and it is possible that reagents being old could affect the results, so you should proceed with a normal amount of caution but there is every chance this is just MDMA.

Also note that folin (and ehrlich reagent which you don't have) are the only ones where you have to wait over one minute. For the others you should ignore changes after 1 minute.

simeon's weight loss cure : Thanks. I sampled over the weekend and i was impressed. Sorry i do everything over my.cell phone so its hars for me to resize ect

simeon's weight loss protocol : Resizing and cropping is usually easier on a phone than it is on a PC. If you upload to imgur instead of tinypic then moderators can easily resize images so that's also an option.

simeones diet : Ok thanks. I use to do alot of photo editing/manipulation & design with photoshop ect. But kinda grew out of it

simeons a new approach to obesity : Hi there; not sure whether to jump on this thread or start a new one (new to this). Pls could someone help direct

SWIM has been getting what he hoped was mdma in crystal form, and was hoping there are few/no adulterants. When tested with ez-test kit it comes out positive for mdma (dark purple). However, SWIM thought that out of interest to do a piss test afterwards, and it comes up as also having methamphetamine present.

Has this been adulterated even though appearing as clean crystal and +ive for mdma, or is it showing +ive for meth because it is chemically similar to mdma (false +ive). SWIM does NOT want anything with Meth!

simeons diet : (Urine test was a 5 drug test 24hrs later, and showed positive for both mdma and meth).... I have heard it is possible that there could be a false +ive for meth due to similar structure; does that sound right?

simeons diet bad : Sounds right m8 .


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