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Sold as uncut cocaine. All EZ test results from one and the same substance. The pic that reacts blue to if even cocaine is present ALSO turns blue in contact with MDPV and 5-MeO-MiPT according to EZ test.

Lab results will follow in 8 days but any opinions on what this is?

Beware in purity test EZ advices to only look ar color at bottom of vial.

Help is much appreciated!

Urinal test not react to amfetamines or methamfetanines.

for which drugs can be detected in urinal test

P.S. THC is ingested conscioussly.

Ingesting by snorting only very small bumps possible and extreme rush felt that makes a man sit still buzzing blood flow through the body 20 seconds long.

Extremely potent rush, man almost never felt before from cocaine hcl.

After that a coke high but feelings of mdma and awake for days without problem from this so called uncut coke.

Please help. Also reacts to methylone. Is this meth?

social marketing drug awareness report : How long did you wait before photographing the results? The EZ test does seem to be triggering for an amphetamine type compound. It helps if you can tell us the name of the reagent you are using (marquis, mandelin, MDMA reagent (aka marquis) etc)

social marketing drug use : So ecstacy is MDMA reagent = marquis?

Please advice I included lot of results thought this would be helpful? Also urinal results.

I hope you can just estimate what this could be? I know only lab can give definitive results but if any of you could brainstorm what is going on here I would be reaaally thankful.

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social marketing strategy for hiv testing : Ok, and which other reagents did you use? The results are not actually that helpful if we don't know what reagent it is.

And how long did you wait before taking the photos?


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