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SIN Lab - 475+ analyzes, Reagent Testing 300+ drugs, Drug Checking Crowdfunding

Welcome to the SIN LAB - laboratory of Social Drug Policy Initiative (SIN).

What is SIN? Social Drug Policy Initiative is a non profit organization that handles harm reduction and education. It acts for popularization of narcopolitics that is based upon facts, not prejudices. SIN is an network of university science clubs that associate youth, students and researchers that are engaged in generating a shift in the prohibition-based drug policy in Poland and worldwide. Would you like to learn more? Visit our website and follow us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thanks to support from (The Free Molecule), and with collaboration with Department of Toxicology of Freiburg Medical University Legal-High-Inhaltsstoffe, Bunk Police in Slovenia and Energy Control in Barcelona, we also publish analysis results of RCs purchased via online stores.

Our focus is drug checking.
In our lab in Warsaw we work on TLC (thin-layer chromatography). Do you have experience or chemical education? Catch up with us at GitHub. We publish warnings of Ecstasy pills, that do not contain MDMA, and in cooperation with @MinutyGodziny, list of Polish pill reviews published at (and not only).Our ANALYSIS BROWSER contains over 475 analysis results of substances available in local and online shops in Poland, updated regularly with data from Chief Sanitary Inspectorate (GIS).More information about SIN Lab and other drug checking projects and databases are to be found HERE.

If you would like to analyze...
...a legal product you are interested in, consider donating couple bucks or your bitcoin change for our CROWDFUNDING campaign. GC/MS analysis cost 300 PLN (70 EUR), but the substance that most of the funds will go for, would be purchased from SIN's own funds to provide objectivity....any kind of drug, you can also purchase Energy Control GC/MS analysis yourself.

Are you into testing your stuff by yourself? There is a way. In ourSTOREor at EBAY
We have the best prices for retail-sold drug checking reagents for testing psychoactive substances. Improve you safety for only 1.2 USD per single use test kit, or just 8 cents per bottled reagent test .We have a unique selection for testing LSD, MDMA, Amphetamine, Cocaine, Heroine and 300+ other substances documented & listed HERE and at Reddit wiki.

Questions, comments, feedback? Feel free to ask

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If you are confused by all the charts, on our webshop you can find a beta of a test kit wizard app. Simply choose your substance from a list of over 300 and instantly see what reagents can be usefull for you. Check it out here ->



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