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this change was made to embrace the sub-fourm's love of art. this does not significantly affect what content is or is not suited for the sub-forum. so why change things up? to better reflect the content already being posted. and to make sure everyone knows all that Life Advice & Visual Arts has to offer. because it was becoming apparent that much of bluelight did not realize that arts not covered by other sub-forums (i.e. Film & Television, Words, & Music) were specifically covered under a sub-forum called Second Opinion.

let's take a moment to check out some of the amazing arts threads in Life Advice & Visual Arts ...

Post a piece of art that you are feelin/enjoyin today, and why?Photography Thread vs. BL Shutterbugs unite!Share your artwork v. BL's got talentFashion: Designers, Seasons, Trends, Models, & YOU.(Photography) Why you love the place you liveBluelight Bonsai EnthusiastsThe Tattoo Megathread vs. Tramp StampFavorite designs for interior/home/furniture/workspaceMacro Photography

and don't forget about the phenomenal Bluelight Photography Contest!

suggest topics for future rounds in the discussion threadfind the current and upcoming topics in the announcement threadand the check out past winners preserved in infamy in the results archive

there is an addition to our guidelines ...
Originally Posted by Forum Moderator SUB-FORUM APPROPRIATE CONTENT - Discussion of art that already has a designated sub-forum -- such as film, creative writing, and music -- does not belong in Life Advice & Visual Arts. Discussion of all other art (e.g. painting, photography, sculpture, architecture, dance, etc.) does. If you are not 100 percent sure if your art-related topic belongs in Life Advice & Visual Arts, go ahead and post it. Assuming it does not violate any other guidelines, it will be deemed appropriate or moved to the appropriate sub-forum for you by the ever pleasant and helpful staff. while making edits, we also went ahead and added that plagiarism in the photography contest is a violation in Life Advice & Visual Arts.

this rebranding will hopefully attract new and appropriate traffic to both Life Advice & Visual Arts and bluelight as a whole. this is very exciting. tell everyone you know. feel free to share thoughts below. or recommend existing arts threads to be added to the list. if one doesn't already exist in your area of interest, please start a new thread.



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