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cervical polyps during pregnancy : Hello All!

So, I have a question regarding EZ Test Kits. More specifically, regarding three different websites that I've come across while searching for the MDMA Purity Kit:

Anybody have any idea which site is the "real" EZ Test site? They all use the EZ Test logo and contain all of the same test kits in their inventory. Are they all just different affiliates of the same company? Or resellers of the same products? ...Or are any of them a scam website?

Chrome gives me a warning when accessing the second and third website that they are not secure. I've had Chrome give me that same warning for perfectly legitimate sites, so I'm taking it with a grain of salt...

If anybody has any information on this, I'd really appreciate it! Plus it may be useful to know for anyone else who wishes to buy an EZ Test product and is afraid to order from a fake site.

cervical polyps in pregnancy : It seems like they have multiple sites for different regional markets.

About the insecure connection, it just looks like they SSL certificate has expired. Doen't really look fishy.

cervical polyps pregnancy : Don't forget that there are lots of other sellers of reagent tests - it's inadvisable to send credit card details over an insecure connection, even though these are all run by the official EZ Test

cervical position after pregnancy : Thanks for the replies!

Originally Posted by Transform ...there are lots of other sellers of reagent tests...
I've been looking all over for a reputable seller of the "MDMA Purity Test." While I've found plenty that sell a variety of reagents to identify the substance - I just bought a full reagent set from DanceSafe myself - I can't seem to find anyone except EZ Test who produces or sells the Purity Test. Do you know of any? Maybe I've missed someone...

Originally Posted by Transform's inadvisable to send credit card details over an insecure connection, even though these are all run by the official EZ Test
That sounds like pretty sound advice. Thanks!

I've actually contacted all 3 websites.

So far, only "" has contacted me back. They are based in the UK, can also be reached via "," and have stated that they are unaffiliated with the other two sites. They have also stated that they ship all over the world, usually on the same day that the order is placed, and that most customers will receive their order within 7 business days.

The other two websites ( & provide the same contact email with domain name "" so maybe they are the same company with two websites targeting the European and USA markets, respectively. I'm still waiting to get some sort of reply from them.

No clue which one is the "official EZ Test" ... but for now I'm leaning towards the UK site, simply because they have been more responsive and their security certificate is up to date.

cervical position and early pregnancy : I placed an order from the site, almost two months ago. I received an order confirmation and eventually a tracking number. I fairly certain not that it's a scam site. All this time passed and the USPS tracking number link still says shipping label created, but nothing seems to have shipped and nobody replies to e-mail inquires, of which I have sent several, ever! Avoid at all cost! Not to be trusted.

cervical position and pregnancy : Originally Posted by sunnystateinc Hey there, we have used which is the companies main website they do offer programs to set up websites for other vendors of there products. We buy from eztest, dancesafe, testkitplus and others and sell them on our website!
we have an offer code: partysafe
our store is Hello. I just ordered from you guys. Hopefully legit, is a scam.


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