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chantix and alcohol use : About a year ago, SWIM was prescribed ratio lenoltec #3 (same as tylenol #3), and SWIM did not finish all of his pills. SWIM was curious about the effects of codeine, and so he took 6 pills (180mg codeine). SWIM felt relaxed for the most part, but the apparent histamine release caused SWIM to become unbearably itchy. That along with the 1800mg of acetaminophen content did not make for a pleasant or liver-friendly high, and so SWIM will not be doing this again.

SWIM has experimented with the following drugs in the past:

Cannabis once
DXM once (did not like at ALL, also made SWIM itchy)
Alcohol numerous times
Caffeine occasionally
Codeine once.

SWIM has heard about the methamphetamine-like high of Benzedrex, but SWIM is located in Canada where it is a schedule 5 substance and also very unheard of. SWIM has recently become interested in drugs that are similar to Adderall, because he cannot get his hands on a prescription for the substance. Anyways, the point is: are there any OTC ways that SWIM can obtain substances that have the potential of providing a nice Adderall-like high

Thank you and SWIM apologizes for the all over the place thread.

chantix and alcoholism : Hi there and welcome to the site

We do not allow these types of posts on the site so I am going to close this thread.

PLEASE if your going to use tablets that contain codeine and APAP - do a cold water extraction first, it will remove the APAP and save your liver.



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