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silymarin cause depression : Messages were sent between me and a kid who goes to school in the same district but not in the same campus about selling him 4 hits of 25i after school. I cut 2 hits in half and sold them to him as 4. (I did this because I was paranoid of him having a fatal reaction to them and then me be responsible for his death) i met up with him after school that day and sold him the "4" hits. He was mad and kept messaging me saying he wanted his money back but I went and blocked him. During that day I was coordinating the deal in class on my phone. That's where the trouble is I was setting this deal up on school property. The school officers and my principles got ahold of these messages some how and I got called in to the office with screen shots of all of them. They searched me but only found an e cig which I got in some trouble for. The kid is getting questioned as well but we aren't on good terms. I was questioned by my campus officer and principle and I told them he was angry with me as they can see in the messages because instead of acid I sold him straight up paper which isn't true but I did it to avoid trouble. They have no hard evidence of the tabs unless the kid has some still and they get them from him. This happened today and I am yet to find out more about my consequences and under go more interrogation tomorrow. I am only 16 and I am afraid of what will happen to me. I have never been in trouble at school and this is a bad situation. What is possible legal trouble I can get in for this? They currently believe I sold him plain paper for $80. Please respond I need to know, thank you.

silymarin drug interaction : not supposed to give legal advice here: Call an attorney and don't talk about the incident with any one else. question is really dependent on where you live but if the police do not have the substance its usually pretty difficult to make a case. also your age should help, id be pretty concerned with what the school decides tho.

good luck - id contact attorney asap

silymarin evidence cancer : As 'Sigmond' has mentioned, Bluelight cannot offer you legal advice.


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