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cefuroxime reactiions : sosay if a package was a few days late then on sunday you woke to dog barkingand a knocking on your door. you look outside to see a fat bald guy in a shirt and tie stood next to a small suitcase (on wheels?) he knocks strong again then calls on his phone and says where he is to get picked up. he puts the letter through the door and gets in a silver car(that pulls round moments after he calls and the letter drops) and leaves. you find the letter unopened and all expected contents inside a single bag in a playing card box, while there is easily a strange smell. you put some plastic in the card box and put it back in the letter and in the bin.

what do you think? surely cant be anyone serious if they just drop it all in your door? nosy royal mail worker? on a sunday?

cefuroxime side effects : Sorry bluelight is not the site to ask legality questions and questions about mailing drugs via post.


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