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medicaid drug coverage : Use this experience to promote safety if you're going to try this!

10:40 AM: okay after much research I decided to take 1.2 grams (4 300mg pills) for my starting dose. I have no tolerance. Any opinions from experienced users about this dose?
I DO NOT RECOMEND THIS DOSAGE FOR FIRST TIME USE! Based on my research, 600 - 900mgs would be a safer starting dosage for first time users.

11:30AM: I feel a little fuzzy-headed, but not much else. But I don't expect to yet because based on my research it takes up to 2 hours for Gabapentin to kick in.

12:03PM: Still not high but I've noticed my mood has been lifted. I feel more energetic and happier than usual. This is a common effect of Gabapentin based on my research.

1:10PM: I feel some effects, slight head change and elevated mood but not much more. I've read that some people just don't feel much from Gabapentin unless they take higher doses, but others feel an intense buzz at 600 to 900mgs. For that reason I suggest anyone attempting this exercise caution, you just never know with a drug like this. I'm going to go ahead and take another 300 milligrams and wait a couple more hours just to see .

medicaid drug dispensing limitations oklahoma : i'm going to have to ask you to re-post this as a proper trip report. as it is, it's multiposted and not very detailed.

i suggest heading over to 'Trip Reports' and having a look at their guidelines and rules and posting this again in proper format.

we do not allow live trip reports and please use the 'edit' feature next time



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