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massages during pregnancy : So there's this new benzo reagent available now, so we can finally start differentiating benzos. Yay.
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massages for cancer patients : Have you seen the recent trend in "Xanax" bars?

It looks like they should add results for fentanyl analogs to that list!

EDIT: Here's the long version of that chart:

massages for fibromyalgia : Originally Posted by Enix150 Have you seen the recent trend in "Xanax" bars?

It looks like they should add results for fentanyl analogs to that list!

EDIT: Here's the long version of that chart: I was reading the chemicals on the No Reaction chart and noticed MT-45 along with a lot of other RC's, this seems pretty specific to benzo's and not useful for any other type of screening besides maybe theino's.
One could always use a mandelin reagent for detecting fentanyl analogs, it will come up a lime green for most of them, BF, AF, and then use a benzo reagent to confirm which one of those you have.

massaging a penis to erection pics : The BNZ reagent kit is a three liquid testing system developed by McKibben in 19981 and further variants developed by Sarwar in 2008 in India2; also employs Kovar K-A, Linden D circa 1983 diazepine screen3, see column 5.

The reagents can be mixed ahead of time for test sequence #1 but it only last 4-5 days after mixed. By using five to eight variant sequences, some heated to 212° F, positive identification of diazepine derivatives can be made, see color chart for references. Color Chart found here

Below is a simplified description of how the tests work. You can check out the citations above for a more detailed description, but you're essentially performing these tests and repeating them at different temperatures to discern a more definitive reading:
Originally Posted by jeremysdemo Anyone running the BNZ kit on etizolam here are how the colors should come out.

Etizolam Test 1 {DMSO+sample+NaOH} -dark green

Etizolam Test 2 {DMSO+NaOH+sample} -light green

Etizolam Test 3 {test 1+HCl} -watermelon red

Etizolam Test 4 {test 2 +HCl} -clear

Etizolam Test 5 {HCl+water+sample} -light green

massaging achilles tendon during pregnancy : Tested several benzos with this kit. Everything went fine until it came time to test the etizolam. Tested three different batches all known to be etizolam given a number of basic indicators including the shiny flaky look of most etizolam though plain white powdery batches also do exist. A slight green reaction took place on test one then turning to light yellow. The rest of the tests all turned a light yellow. This happened with three different batches. I just looked at the pics and to me the "clear" test for etizolam in the pic included in the linked chart looks like a very light yellowish color similar to the color reactions noted in the testing I completed.

In my opinion the kit was not suited for testing etizolam. Worked great for testing clonazolam. Turns out a number of batches of etizolam may per the rumor mill have been in the HCL form as apposed to the more common freebase form most benzos are in at least RC benzo's. This may have lead to the results as other reports have emerged citing similar testing data using this kit on etizolam "hcl". Some how though I doubt etizolam HCL even exists.


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