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effectiveness of asacol : SWIM purchased 1g of alpraz. from a reputable vendor with near perfect feedback. However, the drug has more of a sedative effect and a considerably longer half-life. It is also inebriating, which xanax does not do. SWIM's usual dose is around 1.5 to 2.5mg and he should not be nodding the middle of the next day. It is also more addicting. For swim to discontinue use was very unpleasant. Any idea what this mystery substance or aldulterant could be?

effectiveness of baytril in treating salmonella : Hi there and welcome to Bluelight.

Firstly we do not use the SWIM prefix or anything similar. Secondly we do not allow 'guess the chemical' kind of threads as without actually having the substance lab tested everything else is simply guess work and has no harm reduction value at all.

I would suggest you contact the seller and explain your findings and see what they have to say about the matter (they may have received an 'off' batch etc).



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