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cephalaxin floxin : Hello,
Firstly, I tried searching for something similar, but most peptide questions are related to growth hormones/weight gain or the odd opioid peptide. The reason I'm starting this is to hopefully seek out a range of active peptides if they exist (not only growth or opioid or anxiolitic, but also stimulants/physchadelics etc). Anyway:

I have a friend who I met in uni first year, who has access to a lot of peptides and amino acids/fmoc amino acids and he thinks some may be psychoactive. He has asked me to post on here asking a few questions. He wants to know if any fmoc-amino acids are active on their own espevially these three: Fmoc-tryptophan (he says it's similar to tryptamines), fmoc-phenylalanine (similar to amphetamine) and fmoc-tyrosine (he days similar to opioids? ) he has both d/l versions. Then he said that the fmoc may help with the biology side of things. He said that fluorene(out of the fmoc?) or something is active on its own. If you Google those names you can find out the structures.

Then his next question he wants me to ask is, are there any physchoactive peptides out there? Basically he has a lot but has no idea if any are useful. He said the list is too long and would be easier to ask which are active and compare. He suspects several from his list:

•Тrр-Аlа-Gly-Gly-Asp-Ala-Ser-Gly-Glu (Delta sleep induced peptide?)
•Leu-Val-Val-Tyr-Pro-Trp-Thr (spinorphin?)
•Val-Val-Tyr-Pro-Trp-Thr-Gln (valorphin?)
•Gln-Arg-Phe-Ser-Arg (opiorphan?)

There are many more other than these, dont assume this is everything. There are mostly straight chain peptides upto 20 odd amino acids. Also a mix of fmoc-straight chain peptides (eg fmoc-Tyr-Pro-Trp-Phe) and D/L amino acids. So If there are any you suspect or know/can work out are active(whether it's stimulant, opioid antidepressant/anxiolitic or noiceptive etc) then please let us know, he doesn't want to try all kinds of random peptides if there is no need to. I think ideally it would be great to start a new thread on peptides/amino acids discussing all things related. But if that's not possible, then any help/advice/answers would be appreciated.

Thank you for any insight

cephalaxin keflex milk dairy : This is similar to the thread you posted earlier which was closed. Bluelight does not permit synthesis discussion, sorry.


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