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center for hiv policy and law : Hello,

I have a chemist friend who I met in uni first year, basically introduced him to some fun drugs and now he's coming up with ideas now things are getting tighter with the RC's in the UK (we both think that the uk us banning all substances in april). He told me he knows peptide synthesis and 3 things stick out to him which he thinks may be psychoactive. Fmoc-tryptophan (he says it's similar to tryptamines), fmoc-phenylalanine (similar to amphetamine) and fmoc-tyrosine (he days similar to opioids? ). Then he said that the fmoc may help with the biology side of things. He said that fluorene(out of the fmoc?) or something is active on its own. If you Google those names you can find out the structures.

Then his next question he wants me to ask is, theoretically could he attempt some simple chemistry to make something more useful? (If this question violates any rules then please ignore it/edit it out or let me know).

And finally are there any physchoactive peptides out there?

Thank you for any insight

center for holistic and herbal therapy : sorry but synthesis discussion is not allowed here at BL.



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