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certified medication aide study prep : I'm looking for something that will more or less allow me to escape reality for a short time, both for recreational and introspective reasons. In other words, I'm looking for something I've tried DXM, DPH (by far my worst experience), nutmeg (another bad experience), LSA, cloves, MDMA, cannabis, shrooms, DMT, and alcohol. None of these have given me what I'm looking for, and I feel that it's difficult to explain what I want - I want to get away from life for a little while, or retreat into my mind and imagination. My first experience with DXM (~400 mg) is probably the closest to what I'm looking for - I had highly complex, vivid, and dreamlike CEVs along with massive euphoria, but I seem to have built up a rather permanent tolerance over time (500 mg does almost nothing for me after a 2 month break).

Is there anything else out there that can provide me with the experience I'm looking for? I've never tried any "hardcore" drugs, and don't ever plan to.

(I've read the FAQ and posting guidelines, but I'm still rather unsure if a question like this is allowed. Sorry if it violates any rules.)

certified medication aide training portland or : yeah we can't answer questions like this. it falls under 'what should i take?' and is against the rules. i have to close this.

PM me for any questions.


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