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ceftin and levaquin together : is there anyone that can tell me exactly how to do the shake and bake...??

ceftin and mrsa staph : No, we don't discuss synthesis here - especially not the kind that regularly explodes in people's faces, de-gloves their hands (look it up if you don't know what this means) and makes a toxic, impurity-laden sludge of product.
Bluelight is a harm reduction resource, and "shake and bake" meth cooks are one of the more physically harmful practices people engage in to get a buzz, so you're not going to get that kind of info here.
...but there is much, much better info all over bluelight if you are keen to seek it out.

ceftin and parasites : We do not allow synth/chemistry questions. This is stated in the rules for bluelight when you signed up for the site. So that's why this thread is being closed.


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