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celebrex website : I have been a long time lurker, but finally have a topic that may interest some of you out there, but then again... Maybe not! 😉 This post pertains to organic chemistry, and i'm hoping that there is a kind patient sole out there that can spend a quick minute helping answer the question at hand.

What would be the easiest way to turn FuranylFentanyl Freebase powder into its HCl salt? I have spent days reading and reading about acid/base extractions, recrystalization techniques, solvents (polar and non), and of course many forums and threads that are almost on target but arent specifically about this chemical. The more information I read the more questions i keep having pop up in my head.

Would the opperation in question be as easy as disolvimg the Fu-F freebase in Methanol (or is there a superior solvent?) and gasing it with hcl, filtering out newly formed crystals/powder, & thoroughly drying?

I saw a post that said regular fentanyl freebase is highly watersoluble (which might be bunk info, i'm not quite sure), but that is definitely not the case for the Fu-F analogue i have heard. So i am also interested in knowing if Fu-F's properties are significantly different from it's parent? There is just so little credible information out there about this novel chemical. Knowing the approximate solubility of Fu-F hcl mg per ml would be helpful too! Any and all productive comments and information are greatly appreciated! Thank you


Systematic (IUPAC) name
CA: Schedule I
UK: Legal
CAS Number.......101345-66-8
ATC code............None
PubChem...........CID: 13653606
Molecular mass...374.484 g/mol

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