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certification diabetes educator : I recently changed physicians to continue care for arthritis and disc issues in my lower back.

On 10/25/15, my original physician wrote me a script for 30 tabs Percocet 1x a day, which I filled at my regular Walgreens that same day. I had been on one tab 2x a day prior.

On 11/16, I saw my new/current physician, who is more comfortable treating pain with Percocet. He wrote me a script for 60 tabs, saying I can take two, TWICE a day if I needed (fortunately I don't). Except the script, while written for 60 tabs, has the previous one a day for up to 30 days. When I went to take it to the same Walgreens on 11/16, they said insurance wouldn't let them fill it, and they also wouldn't fill it if I paid out of pocket. Fortunately the "due date" in that situation was 11/17, so I only had to wait a day (eight days before the 11/27 that would have been 30 days).

12/21, I got another 60 tab rx from my new physician, except it still says one a day up to 30 days. This would mean I should have to wait until 1/17 to fill based on when the last one was filled. But I know there is a little leeway after the last one. How much though?

Is it always 8 days that I can be "early" or is it based on the length/amount of pills? Vary by insurance provider? Walgreens?

Last time this happened, the pharmacist explained that it was a huge process to get it filled early.

Can I take it to a CVS or somewhere else and say don't use my insurance? Would that look extraordinarily shady?


certification diabetes educator study : Your post is confusing because you were prescribed 60 tablets to last you the month. I don't know why you are planning to refill it earlier. The pharmacist is right, it is a huge process getting it filled early. Whether you use your insurance or not or take to a different pharmacy, it will likely show up on your state's prescription database. So yes, it will look shady. Sorry I have to close this as we can't really give you an accurate answer as prescription filling dates are a legality issue.


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