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majestic drug co : Hey guys first post! Thought this could be an interesting topic to discuss because I'm sure we've all thought about it at some point haha!

But anyways, hypothetically speaking, if you were going to attempt to smuggle some kind of drug/contraband a good distance away, how would you go about it? I know it sounds like a ridiculous question but it's always interested me haha.

I have a buddy who actually spent 3 years in a costa rican prison for miserably failing to bring back a couple bricks to the states. His attempt was obviously not very well-planned. The more I daydream about it I wonder if I would risk it and how I would do it haha

Just seeing if I'm not the only person that ever thinks about this shit lol

majestic drug co inc : Well anyways, guess I'll start off with one of my crazy ideas haha

#1. Catch a cruise ship that stops somewhere in Mexico. Would probably be Cancun or Cozumel. Search around for product without looking like a stupid tourist (apparently its easy to score in these tourist-y places). Acquire product and hopefully board ship again. The problem with this would be the possibility of dogs/security while re-boarding the ship. Also, security/dogs/inspections upon arrival back in the states.

majestic drug co ny : Discussion about smuggling, even hypothetical smuggling is not allowed.


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