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simple commonsense diet : Hi there all we are a open minded experimental couple who are off on our hold to sharm tomorrow and the missus wants to take her dildo with her, it's a Mr dick from Ann summers so quite big and realistic not worried about getting it there as I know hold luggage isn't scanned but having been to sharm many times before know that cases get scanned on the return leg, anyone have any advice on will it be flagged and end us in trouble lol??

simple complex carb glucose : I don't see it being a problem. Especially if you're worried about leaving with it not entering with it. Either way should an issue arise nothing 200le can't fix

simple complications : I would just wear it..

Even if it is confiscated you should get a good laugh going through the X-ray scanner.

good luck

simple copd instructions : I'm sorry but we don't allow legal discussion here. You'll have to check and see if dildos are legal in egypt but I don't see why they wouldn't be


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