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small dogs in fredricksburg va : Exhibit A. Mojibake

What I once saw was a 💯 () emojicon, or special character, and the next thing after a refresh it dissappears and is replaced by (Question marks �, boxes□ and blank characters.) Unicode support for new emojifonts on the system using and displaying them might resolve the issue. Any other suggestions?

keywords: garbled text, missing font, 404 font not found, special character, browsers, meta.

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( ;゚皿゚)ノシ(゚∈゚ )

small dogs in jesup ga : which browser are you using? that looks fine to me (firefox 38)

small dogs in longview texas : Chrome Version 44.0.2403.89 m

small dogs in louisiana : Originally Posted by xstayfadedx I'd say hi

Last edited by xstayfadedx; Today at 09:45. Reason: Wait do emojis work now.... damn it worked for a second no lie What i've noticed is that if you quote, or edit a post it breaks the emoji.

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Case and point, the emojis were working until I edited the OP, and all emojis broke after I hit save. It happens to be whenever I post with my Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow using Chrome.

small dogs in michigan : your chrome is way out of date. can you update and see if that fixes it.


small dogs in milwaukee : That desktop chrome version you see in post 4 was from 2015. My current Android version is 55.0.2883.91
I update my browser versions regularly.

small dogs in milwaukee wi : Existing emojis and special characters (like Japanese or Arabic font) that have been posted still work,, but now i'm getting question mark symbols coming up.

No work around yet. Not even white heart suit can be posted " ? | (U+2661)"


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