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celebrex lawyer : I know codeine is considered weak and I might not take a lot compared to some people but here goes. It varies but I probably have about 3 bottles of codeine linctus per fortnight. Each bottle is 600mg and I take half each time, so 6 doses of 300mg every 2 weeks

I used to do it less, maybe 2 bottles per month but it's increased to a stage where it feels like I'm feeling crap when on it. I wasn't sure if it was actually caffeine withdrawals as I also stopped that and they have some similar affects, so I'd ask what you guys think. Runny nose often, yawning, no motivation to do stuff unless I have to (I still socialise every week but if I don't have something planned I just sit around), general irritability, very cold even taking into account it's Winter, bad mood but not quite depression

It sounds like codeine withdrawal from what I've read. I don't want to quit totally as that sounds like the effects are harsher, I want to taper off. I ordered a few bottles recently and I want that to the start off the tapering off. Are there any good guidelines for how to do so?

I take 300mg each time so I was thinking I take that, then do the same the next evening. Then leave a gap of one day and take 300mg again. Then a gap of two days before taking any and so on, increasing it by one day everytime



celebrex lawyer dallas : *feeling crap when not on it

celebrex lawyer houston : As long as you're going down, it's all good. Slow but steady. Keep it up. You can't stay on that shit forever.

celebrex lawyer pennsylvania : OP I don't quite get your dose? You start by saying 1800mg every 2 weeks, to taking 300mg daily? Being a daily user is going to be a different situation to using 6 days out of 14. Just trying to clarify things for other people, as I have no helpful input I'm afraid, I've tried and failed several times detoxing off codeine :/

celebrex lawyer philadelphia : I'm not 100% sure, but I think codeine might be easier to quit cold turkey because of short half-life. The WD is a bitch for sure, but it shouldn't last that long. Third day is the worst I've heard. You could get a weeks supply of some non-opioid aids such as pregabalin and benzos. Perhaps loperamide, which is an opioid, but as long as you keep the dose low, it shouldn't interfere with the withdrawal and help with the diarrhea.


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