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simvastatin recall : So 1 I thought I knew the safe adderall Iv techniques but I was wrong so view my thread in the discussion section for more . What's the feeling of a clean true adderall ir high when injected . I want a smooth euphoric chatty high not a heart blowing up motormouth for 14 hours high since the euphoria from that went away after the first few binges . Is there a filter I can buy if not how do I make a cheap easy and safe micron . And I also have 2mg klonopin a out my ass and a couple dozen 1mg , a backpack full of beer, several Bayer aspirin and 20 1cc insulin syringes . Any ideas of what to do or fun chats to respond with? Excuse my blabbering . Took a lot of adderall. Please talk to me hahaha


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