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making beads for children with cancer : this is a thread dedicated to all posts directed at support staff, senior staff, moderators, or administrators during a temporary ban.

thank you.

making bee hives : or email: [email protected]


making birth control pills ineffective : <<Request - please remove post to "Support".

Dear Staff,

Early this year (can't check date while temp-banned) I was infracted for the reason of "death speculation", where the death of a member was discussed and I gave a speculative response to the matter. I was infracted for it, but felt this was very unfair as there was no deliberate malice or break of the guidelines and the moderator could have rectified the situation in a less severe way.

The moderator (Snolly) later PM'd me and apologised, and said she had given the infraction too quickly and agreed that it was wrong to sanction infractions over venial mistakes. She said she also made admin staff aware of this, and that the infraction should be over-turned.

I heard nothing back from the appeal, so a month or 2 later I wrote again. Surely if both parties (me and the mod) agree that it was an unfair decision, the point should be over-turned? I was told by BL admin 1 "We will look into it".

No response again. I accept you may be busy and have overlooked it.

Recently I accrued an infraction from a different moderator, and unfairly facing a longer ban than I should have, due to the point not being overturned, decided to write again. For the third time now, my request was ignored.

4th time of asking and I received a very blunt response from "BL Admin 1" stating "The infraction still stands" without any real explanation as to why.

Surely if I didn't break a guideline, I have appealed and the moderator has admitted fault... the infraction should not stand and I should not be unfairly facing this current length of ban?

I respectively ask for a different member of staff than "BL Admin 1" to respond, because I feel he isn't treating the appeal fairly. All I wish is to be treated fairly, and be able to appeal an infraction as anyone else would. Mods do occasionally make mistakes and admins should be there to step in and help when this happens.

Apologies for going public, but emailing [email protected] is getting no-where

user Creepy_McGee / formerly Raas_2012

making biscuit diet : Originally Posted by Creepy_McGeee ...without any real explanation as to why. you received a response to all 7 email messages you sent. an explanation isn't not real simply because you disagree with it.

the incidents have been reviewed and the infractions stand. as i've said before, the decision is final.


making bracelets for cancer : Please.

I've jusr had an infraction for 3 months. I can't stay away from here for that long its too much n too harsh.

Me and another member were having a disagreement but I was trying to HELP him I swear. He's recently lost his job n I was trying to give tough-love (he'd recently tomd me that he had had tough-love from other members and I felt that this would help him. Maybe I made the wrong call n for that I am sorry.

Also I was exchanging with him about my experience of work - that I feel people can be backstabbing in the workplace. I thought that if i exchange my problems in the workplace it would not make him feel bad. I like helping people and felt extremely bad for this member - but also as someone who cares about him I felt frustrated too before I'm seeing him destroy his life n there's nothing whatsoever I do to help him.

Other members got on the bandwagon n jumped to the wrong conclusion - thinking that I was up to my tricks of creating drama. I swear I wasn't.

I've tried EXTREMELY hard lately not to take the bait, to try n report members n laugh things off. I've slipped up but I'm not like i was.

I love this site very much. I love helping people n i really need Bluelight right now.

I swear my intentions were not to cause drama but to help.

In defence of the other member - he's going through a lot n needs this site too. He's a lovely, kind, thiughtful person n I genuinely wanted to help him.

Please, please, please reconsider I can't do 3 months with Bluelight I can't. I need BL. I can't do 3 months away. I'm sorry if it caused drama but my intentions were to help the other member not hurt him.


making bread for paleo diet : You pride yourself on being the drama queen of BL. You disrupt and derail threads daily. It's too much, and everyone is tired of it.
Use this time to get some serious therapy. You can't be happy living like this...

making breast cancer pillows : That ID gave me a chuckle. The drama queen statement was me trying to learn to laugh at myself; something I struggle with n was advised to do by MDB who is actually a good person n i care about deeply despite all this. I know you mean well but I'm here to discuss this was staff. However, I take your points on board. Thank you.


making bupropion suspension : Please could someone read through my posts where I, several times, said to the member that I would discuss further in private (PM or Facebook). There was several posts in which my reply was that I'd discuss stuff in private. But my intention was to help n not argue / cause drama.


making busy aprons for alzheimers patients : Could it have been your posts in the lounge last night when you asked a woman to sit on your face or the post about your hairy arse hole what got you banned? Just maybe?

making cancer bracelets : Eveysgone is a troll, or someone too cowardly to
reveal their real identity

making cancer history : Can a mod please prune thread of trolling shite

making cancer history in our community : In the burning ?s thread in cannabis discussion the quitting/tolerance break thread brings me to a page that says no thread specified

making cancer history tagline : Hi. If i get a ban from my account that stops me from logging in, can i still delete my account or is it here until the ban is lifted? I can forsee a great deal of complications if that is the case.

making cancer patients comfortable : "Wow....I wonder how the would feel if their mother, sister, friend or wife got murdered and the guy got off with a slap on the wrist"

"Horrible. That person obviously doesn't know a thing about what happened to Denise."

It was implied I made something about about the murder of a fellow nurse.

I just want to set the record straight I did not.

I doubt this one will go away either.

The reputation of this site is going down the tubes.

Keep banning me though, I am happy not to fit in with you.

making canine agility equipment : Originally Posted by GuestJackiePeyton Keep banning me though, I am happy not to fit in with you. yet you keep participating, sending staff private messages, posting on the site.

your words and actions do not match. if you mean what you say, there's information on leaving bluelight here:


making canine lures : Do you have an other timezone?what das crossposting mean?
I am from sweden.My Englisch is not perfect

making cards with alzheimer people : You were banned for 24 hours starting 2AM this morning, so until 2AM tomorrow, 10/31.

Cross-posting means posting the same thing in multiple forums.
In the future, post something in the most appropriate forum and then wait for a response.

making cat allergy medicine : Hang in there it will go quick


making cat drug : I wrote a letter to the administration the Blue Bull or Sekio are no Help for the people looking for advice in urgent situations.
They should be removed from this forum.It is a sham that ill people are treated like most shrinks do.
I would say sekio and Blue Bull have also a psychiatric disorder or they would not be here in a forum for People who take drugs.
Well I would say this forum is not a great help if you need really help.Only for people which take drugs for fun.Poor.Supreme contempt for sekio and Blue Bull.

making cats gain weight : call 911 imhe

making cells more sensitive to insulin : Listen Anja (ps, your really bad at this)... I've personally witnesed both these individuals give you sound advice that you refuse to take, and instead unleash your frustration at them, or at least Sekio for sure that I know of. You should be glad that these two haven't banned you yet, you help nobody and expect everyone to jump on board and encourage your stim abuse but when people don't (surprise, surprise) you turn around and insult their intelligence bragging about how you study pharmacology.

Why do you come on here and ask for advice if you know best? Better yet quote a single post of yours demonstrating that your capable of not only receiving advice, but also giving it. To top it off you constantly spam the same two posts over and over in every single subforum expecting different replies, not only is crossposting against the rules, which you've already been put on temp ban for yet continue to do so, it's ANNOYING. So, instead of electing to have sekio or bluebull removed I vote for a ban on you

End rant///

making chain mail armour : Hello Anja,

You got banned temporarily because you continued to ignore the warnings that the moderation staff gave you about spamming the boards with your posts. I am sorry to hear that you take offense to this. Let me try to explain why things happened as they did.

This forum does not exist for your benefit alone, it's a shared space. When you post your questions in dozens of different threads, you make the discussion hard to follow, and you basically monopolize other people's discussions because you're too impatient to wait your turn for an answer.

When you come onto Bluelight and post the same question in ten or fifteen different threads, and then ignore the answers you get and post a slight variation of the question again, in another six or ten threads, then start two or three threads and ignore the answers there as well, you are doing nothing but cluttering the board and wasting our time.

Some of the questions you keep asking could be answered by yourself, with help from the search engine. You keep telling us how much of an intelligent pharmacology student you are. So you should be able to put two and two together, look up typical dosages, mechanisms of action, even look up the binding affinities (Ki/EC50/IC50) to understand how drugs will work and interact with each other. Instead, I see you posting questions like "can I combine 3-MMC with 5-APDB" over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It really does not make you look very intelligent.

Bluelight is not an emergency or urgent help forum, either. If you need urgent medical advice or treatment help you need to see a doctor. We are not qualified here to give you medical advice and don't want to be held responsible for any bad decisions you choose to make based upon advice from anonymous perople on the Internet. We are serious about this part, not only because we are not licensed or trained doctors, we cannot have you holding Bluelight legally responsible for treatment of any medical conditions.

I hope when you come back you will follow forum etiquette and be more patient. Because you chose to ignore repeated warnings not to make multiple posts with the same content, this is the consequence.

P.S. I'm sorry to hear you think I have a mental disease and are unqualified to be a moderator.


making chainmail armour : The OP lacks credibility. You were repeatedly given sound advice with well reasoned justifications buttressed by empirical evidence. . . that you chose to ignore. We're not here to help you bark up the wrong tree repeatedly, and littering the forum with redundant cross-posts won't help your monolithic quest.


making clinical assignments for nursing students : First I am 42 female and from Sweden,Stockholm.
I have endogene depression since childhood .Finally no antidepressant Pharma meds and combinations worked any more as I was 30 and I wanted to end life.
I found 9 years ago german and US forums and began reading.I found Research chemicals and started out trying.
I found that a very low dose 3-MMC combined with ritalin liftet my depresssion if take it 3 times a day.This worked 2 years like a wonder but
then I had to increase dose to get the same effect.Now almost 3 years later I need a to high dose,have the
sympthoms of a SSRI discountination syndrom like vertigo and brain zaps and need advice.I most find a replacement.
I found here in this forum greatfull moderators like Jesus green(Matt)with good advice!
But also sekio and Blue bull and a few other which i think banned me for 4 days now,first 1 day and wrote this forum is not here to give you advice about what chemicals I could combine with pharma meds to lift my severe depression.With out anything I always am sucididal and can not work.Only advice and under penalty of posting to often they tell me the same again and again.
Visit a docotor,go to rhab,stop at once,you are a feake and so on.WHY? (I visitited many many specialist,psychotheurapeuts and was long time in a psychosamtic clincique).If you are the first then stop those types of moderators.
And they wrote me this forum is not for giving advice to people with diseases that can only doctors(doctors have failed 20 years) can.
So I have nothing to lose.Why not ask for advice?
I think there are thousand like in the MDMA & Empathogenic Drugs forum
which only use drugs for party and fun.They get often advice how many mg or what to take and are not banned.Well thats ok for for sekio and blue bull???
So Sekio and Blue bull are against helping someone with a severe problem???perhaps his last chance?
Why do they ban me when i (called crossposting) 4 days when I am a person who studied himself pharmazie and has a severe health problems if he is posting about 10 or 20 times in different forums in blue light.I will not be here for ever if I the write persons answer.
Like matt,which I will try a combination he told me which I no doctor told me before,so I have nothing to loose!!!
So why do you recruit those unfriendly moderators(only sekio and blue bull) which have no understanding if a person is wort healt affliction??
Please if you have the possibility do not allow them to write to me or ban only if asking for help.Lift my ban please I have a few privat contacts with helpfull moderators.But those two are against ill people i think.
I will not insult anyone here.But they do insult me.This is degrading to me.I thought this forum is also to help people which do
not use drugs for fun or party.
Thank you very much
Anja from Stockholm

did ou have a question or a specific request?
bl admin

making cold sores go away : hello

we got the 5 emails you sent us. you don't need to post this anymore, ok?



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